How do you monitor/control your




Enviromation, can provide you with a RTU/Autodialer. It is connect to a standard dialup telephone line to provide you with a remote way to monitor designated alarm condtions. It allows you to call from anywhere you are, into the RTU/Autodialer and check the status of tank levels, wet well levels, pressures, flow, equipment running, valve positions and just about anything you can think of. Even of controlling operations. You can call the autodialer to request the above information by any phone any time of the day or night. The autodialer can be set up to call or page you whenever their is an alarm. For a sample of the autodialer call toll free 1-866-go-scada for a sample demo of a autodialer message. For more information contact us at 804-798-7717 or E-Mail us

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