$2580.00 Base Price* does not include radio
    + Shipping and applicable sales tax

  To Add UHF/VHF Radio Add $716.00
  To Add Spread Spectrum Radio Add $1756.00
  Does Not Include Coax or Antenna
Water And Wastewater Water Systerm Intrusion Monitoring
Elevated Water Storage Tanks Security System
Booster Pump Stations Wet Well Level
System Pressure Stions Pump Failure
Valve Position Flow Measurements

The SureControl RUG5-2 is a typical SureControl RTU. The RTU performs local controls, detects alarms, maintains site statistics, and provides local operator inteface. It uses radio interface to report alarms, equipment status and analog values to other sites including the master. It can communicate peer to peer with other RTU's and can act as an intermediary sites in store and forward communication. It uses the standard modbus protocol to interface with compatible SCADA software.

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