Solar-Powered Radio Telemetry Unit

  Remote - Water Storage Tanks

The SureControl solar-powered Radio Terminal Units (RTU) are powered by a battery charged by a solar panel. To conserve power the RTU stays asleep (powered Down) as much as possible only waking (at an adjustable predetermined time) to power up the tank level transducer and radio to transmit the tank level and battery voltage to the master unit at the Water Treatment Plant.

  Master - Water Treatment Plant

The master SureControl Radio Terminal Unit receives the remote RTU transmission and compares the level with their setpoints. The RTU calls the well pump to run when either of the two remote tank levels are below the call setpoint. After receiving a cut-off level from the remote RTU, confirming both tanks are full, the well call signal is turned off. A "top-off" feature will call the well pump to run at an hour (adjustable) before peak demand to "top-off" the tank.
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