SPSCP-1 Control Panel

  Enviromation has been supplying Sewage Pump Station Controls and Telemetry Systems since it incorperated in 1974. We have specialists to design your system to match your requirements. Or we can supply a system to your specifications.

The SureControl SPSCP-1 is a complete stand-alone sewage pump station control panel. This control panel has been designed to provide monitoring, data logging, and control with controller failure back-up circuitry. With 28 years experience in pump control panel fabrication we have incorporated most features offered by our competitors plus many they do not offer.

Stardard SPSCP-1 features - custom applications available.

Monitor Features Options
H-O-A Switches High Level Alarm Telephone Dialer
Number Pump Starts Controller Failure Back-up Control Internal Modem
Wet Well Time Battery Back-up PCMCIA Memory Card
Flow Meter Controller Data Logger Radio Compatible
Pump Start - Stop Flow Calculation UL 508 Label
Pump Alternation SCADA Ready

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